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Nairobi to Victoria Falls - Visa Information


Your passport must be valid for at least six months with five clear pages. You do not normally need any passport photos for visas on the way.

East and Southern Africa trips: If you’re travelling between  Nairobi and Cape Town and have one of the following passports - Australia, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA, the entry is either visa-free, or you can get the visa on the border or online; more details below country by country.

EU Passports: As there are so many new countries joining the Union, new members may find they still need visas for East and Southern Africa.

Dual Nationality: If you have dual nationality you should do the trip on one passport as you may need to show your exit from the previous country before you enter the next as some African countries do not accept dual nationality, though this is changing rapidly.

Nationalities other than Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA should seek local consular advice for visas before setting off. Visa costs of course often change

Gorilla trips - we normally see the gorillas in UgandaBut if we see the gorillas in Rwanda [which is unusual], you'll need a Rwanda visa.

For more up to date information: check the visas websites on our “Links” page. One of the better sites is Wikipedia– Type “Visa requirements for “YOUR NATIONALITY” citizens”.

Visas for East and Southern Africa

Kenya – Apply online 
Single Entry Visa - Issued for a single entry to persons whose nationalities require a visa to enter Kenya either for business, tourism or medical reasons.
Validity; a single entry visa is valid for 3 months before you travel.
Transit Visa - for people connecting through Kenya to other destinations for a period not exceeding 72 hours. If you’ll be in Kenya longer than 3 days get a single entry visa. 

Uganda  - Apply online. 
If Uganda is the first country in the East Africa visa zone [Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda] your visiting, you can choose in the Category tab chose an 'East Africa Tourist Visa'
When applying online chose…
Visa or permit type* = Visa
Category* = Uganda Ordinary / Tourist Visa
Subcategory* =  Single Entry
Uganda Visa Fees

East Africa Tourist Visa
Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda issue East Africa Tourist Visa, a three-month, multiple-entry visa that covers travel to these three countries (although not yet Tanzania or Burundi) for a single fee of US$100. Applications must be made prior to travelling to the region, either at an embassy or consulate for one of the three countries in your home country. You need to apply at the embassy of the country that you will visit first.

Rwanda Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, EU, & USA need one. It can be obtained on the Uganda border for US$60. An application for this visa is made online at the start of the tour.

Apply on line
Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA need one. It can be obtained on the border of Tanzania for US$50 and $100 for the USA.

Malawi Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA do not need one. 
Visas for Malawi are needed by Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Switzerland and Slovenia. Most South Americans inc; Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela need visas before entering.
If you can’t get this visa at home you can normally get it in Lusaka, Zambia - Nairobi, Kenya - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Pretoria, South Africa.

Zambia The cost of the visa is $50. Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, EU, & USA need one. If travelling through Zambia the visas can normally be got on the border or on line

Zimbabwe Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA need one. It can be obtained on entry for US$30 or beforehand online

Botswana Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA do not need one.

Namibia Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA do not need one. 

South Africa Australia, Canada, most EU, & USA do not need one. South Africa requires that you have 2 free consecutive pages in your passport to enter, sometimes they also ask for proof of onward journey; that is your flight or tour ticket.

New Zealanders need to apply for a South African visa before they start their trip. South Africa HC Wellington Website

Please be aware that visa prices can change so above costs are only advisory

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