Travel overland on the safari adventure of your lifetime!

Truck Africa operates African overland, Trans Asia overland expeditions and South American trips. It is the only mid-priced range company to compete on at least the same level as the ‘top-priced’ companies in terms of crew, tour vehicles, equipment and service. We can achieve this for a number of reasons:

  • We sell directly to the public mostly through personal recommendation. We attract a lot of interest from this web site – our client base is a generation well used to looking for services on the internet!
  • Our vehicles are owned, built and run by us.
  • We do not provide a very-expensive-to-produce brochure. Information is provided in perfectly adequate Word or PDF format.
  • And although this is of course a commercial operation to allow for re-investment, the fact is that profit is not our only motivation – we genuinely enjoy what we do and our enthusiasm is evident to those that travel with us.
  • All this means that we can pass on savings to you, the client and give you the trip of a lifetime. The fact that Truck Africa’s highest source of bookings are by recommendation from previous passengers speaks for itself.

Truck Africa African overland tours are based on land journeys only. We do notoffer ‘all-in’ packages. This leaves you free to organise flights to suit your own time requirements and pocket. In our experience, clients love the flexibility this gives as tours can in effect be arranged to suit the individual rather than the other way around.

Our crew are dedicated overlanders who’s sense of achievement results from having those on the trip with them getting involved as much as possible; a get stuck in ethos prevails and it works well.

We believe that Truck Africa overland trucks are uniquely well equipped. Sand mats, and towing cables are standard issue.

We provide spacious two-person tents and camping equipment, cooking equipment and eating utensils. The kitchen includes a fire grill for cooking on wood, back-up Gas Cooker in case of rain, and Cool Box. A large awning acts as a kitchen extension.

Also provided are:- professionally-compiled Medical Kit, amp to plug your I pod into, video charging facilities, camp stools, and reference books

Once you have booked and paid a deposit the price is guaranteed - we don't surcharge.