Local Payment & Tour Cost

On our overland trip we require the local payment as we are unable to reliably transfer foreign currency required to operate the tour. It is for this reason that we ask for a part of your tour payment to be paid on the first day, directly to your driver. The Local Payment is not a Food Kitty. Whilst it does pay for the food as per itinerary (two meals day whilst on the truck), it also covers; camping accommodation costs on the trip, included entrances as per the itinerary, local tolls and taxes and other payments required to make the tour run successfully. It is administered by the driver/guide and is not refundable.

In towns or places where the vehicle will be parked up the kitchen will be available for you to cook with but food during this time will not come out of the Local Payment. This normally happens in places where we are for a few days. At these places cheap food is available at, or near, the places we stay. Generally at lunchtimes we eat at small cafes or restaurants where you can try cheap and tasty local food. If no local food is available we eat on the truck.

All Local Payment amounts are subject to change. Changes are very rare and are normally due to a sudden or unexpected price increase by a local service provider or National Park.

The LP is payable in USD$ cash only.