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London to Cape Town Trans Africa - Visa Information

Visa and Passport
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after finishing the trip with one clear page for each country visited, plus 7 extra just in case pages
You’ll need to bring passport size photos and photocopies of your passport photo page.

UK to Accra - 14 blank pages, 12 passport photos
UK to Cape Town - 23 blank pages, 30 passport photos
UK to Nairobi - 30 blank pages 30 passport photos
UK to Cairo - 35 blank pages, 35 passport photos

Cape Town to Cairo & vv -20 blank pages, 12 passport photos
Nairobi to Cairo & vv -12 blank pages, 10 passport photos

If you are applying for a new passport before doing this trip, get a frequent traveller or jumbo size passport, with more pages than a standard passport.

You will need you to get just one or two visas before departure, we will advise you on booking. 

No Israeli stamps in your passport or border stamps exiting neighbouring countries towards Israel. This vital on trips visiting Sudan.

Visas cost and where to get them
Morocco -  most nationalities don’t need one but SA must get it beforehand
Mauritania –
 on route US$135
Senegal - on route US$60
Mali - on route $32
Sierra Leone
 - US$100
Guinea - US$85
Cote d’Ivoire
 - US$125
Ghana – before departure
Togo – on route US$65
Benin – on route US$25
Nigeria – on route USA & UK US$180, Australia & NZ US$75
Cameroon – on route US$120
Gabon – on route US$100
Congo – on route US$150
DR Congo – on route US$170
Angola – on route US$200
Namibia - Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA do not need one
South Africa - Australia, UK, Canada, EU, & USA do not need one. South Africa might ask for proof of your onward journey, a flight or tour ticket. NZ passport holders need a visa before travel.

- on route most free.
Zimbabwe- on route US$30 to US$75
Mozambique - on route US$72
Malawi - on route US$75 
Tanzania - on route US$50 to US$100
Kenya - on route US$50

- on route US$100
Rwanda - on route  Free to US$30
Ethiopia - US$40 -  US$70 get this visa before the trip
Sudan -  on route US$100 US$310 USA
Egypt - on route US$30

Visa prices often change
We will update you with relevant visa information on booking

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